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Macrophoto/Medical Case A


Olympus produced 2 fitted aluminium cases to hold a camera and an assortment of equipment. The cases were lockable, made of heavy-gauge aluminium with reinforced corners and edges, and the compartments were lined with royal blue plush. The cases were available empty, and as complete outfits. Both cases were the same depth and height, but Case B was nearly twice as wide as Case A.

Macrophoto/Medical Case A

Olympus OM Macrophoto/Medical Case A


Weight of case 5 lb 2 oz
Weight of outfit 9 lb 12 oz
Width 11.5 inches
Depth 10.25 inches
Height 7.75 inches
Body aluminium
Partitions Royal blue plush
US catalog no. 108-470
Layout of Macrophoto/Medical Case A
Layout of Case A

Contents of Olympus Scientific Medical System A

Catalog No.Name
101-052Black OM-2N body
103-750Zuiko Auto-Macro 135 mm f/4.5
104-016Telescopic Auto Tube 65–116
106-004Winder 2
107-013T10 Ring Flash 1
107-023T Power Control 1
107-027Ring Cross Filter POL
108-500Eyecup 1
108-904Recordata Back 3
108-470Macrophoto/Medical Case A

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