Product codes for Olympus OM system close-up and macro equipment

Olympus OM system close-up and macro equipment

Index of product codes

B-76Heat Absorbance Filter B-76
B-0719aEyepiece Adapter PM-ADG-3
B-0720Eyepiece Adapter PM-ADF
B-0721Eyepiece Adapter PM-ADP
FMMechanical Stage FM
FM-IIMechanical Stage FM-II
FM-IIIMechanical Stage FM-III
G-53Color Balance Filter G-53
LB-45Color Temperature Filter LB-45
LB-100Color Temperature Filter LB-100
LB-200Color Temperature Filter LB-200
LBDColor Temperature Filter LBD
LSDTrans-Illuminator PM-LSD
MOM-LOM-Mount Photomicro Adapter L
ND-6Neutral Density Filter ND-6
ND-12Neutral Density Filter ND-12
ND-25Neutral Density Filter ND-25
ND-50Neutral Density Filter ND-50
PM-ADFEyepiece Adapter PM-ADF
PM-ADGEyepiece Adapter PM-ADG
PM-ADG-3Eyepiece Adapter PM-ADG-3
PM-ADPEyepiece Adapter PM-ADP
PM-CAMS2OM-Mount Photomicro Adapter H2
PM-EL20Mirror Housing PM-EL20
PM-EL38Mirror Housing PM-EL38
PM-EL80Mirror Housing PM-EL80
PM-ELCSCentering Mirror PM-ELCS
PM-LM-20Lieberkühn Reflector PM-LM-20
PM-LM-38Lieberkühn Reflector PM-LM-38
PM-LM-SPShade Stage Plate PM-LM-SP
PM-LSDTrans-Illuminator PM-LSD
PM-LSD 2Epi-Illuminator PM-LSD 2
PM-MTobObjective lens mount adapter
POLRing Cross Filter POL
S-0750Clear Stage Glass
S-0757Frosted Stage Glass
SC 35SC 35 Microscope Camera
SP-BW-2Frosted Stage Glass
SP-CClear Stage Glass
SZH-SCCup Stage
T8T8 Ring Flash 2
T10T10 Ring Flash 1
T28T28 Macro Twin Flash 1
TE-IITransformer TE-II
TFTransformer TF
TGHMTransformer TGHM
VST-1Macrophoto Stand VST-1
VST-EMacrophoto Stand Extension Bar VST-E
WFDiffusion Filter WF
Y-48Color Balance Filter Y-48
2-LC894Photo eyepiece NFK 2.5× LD 125
2-LC895Photo eyepiece NFK 3.3× LD 125
2-LC896Photo eyepiece NFK 5× LD 125
2-LC897Photo eyepiece NFK 6.7× LD 125
2-LC898Photo eyepiece NFK 1.67× LD 125
2-U710Photo eyepiece PE 2× 125
2-U720Photo eyepiece PE 2.5× 125
2-U730Photo eyepiece PE 3.3× 125
2-U740Photo eyepiece PE 4× 125
2-U750Photo eyepiece PE 5× 125
5-S150Trans-Illuminator Base X-DE
7-C535OM-Mount Photomicro Adapter H2 (PM-CAMS2)
7-C545OM-Mount Photomicro Adapter L (MOM-L)
7-C546Varimagni Finder
7-C563SC 35 Type 12 Microscope Camera
7-C564M Remote Cord 1.2 m for SC 35 Type 12 Microscope Camera

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Olympus OM system close-up and macro equipment