French: guazatine (n.f.)Russian: гуазатин

Status: ISO 1750 (published)
IUPAC name:
CAS name: guazatine
CAS Reg. No.: 108173-90-6
Formula: C18H41N7
Activity: antifeedants
bird repellents
fungicides (aliphatic nitrogen fungicides)
Notes: A mixture of products resulting from the amidination of technical iminodi(octamethylene)diamine, containing numerous guanidines and polyamines.
When this substance is used as a salt, its identity should be stated, for example guazatine acetates [115044-19-4].
The name “guanoctine” was formerly approved by the British Standards Institution.
The ISO common name “guazatine” was originally defined as applying to N,N‴-(iminodi-8,1-octanediyl)bis[guanidine], but it was redefined when it became known that the commercial material was a reaction mixture containing this as well as several other active substances. The ISO common name iminoctadine [13516-27-3] has since been given to the pure compound.
Pronunciation: gwar-za-tēn  Guide to British pronunciation

A data sheet from the Compendium of Pesticide Common Names