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IBabble is a multilingual text viewer that can be used as a helper application for *.uni files in UTF-2 format with Microsoft and Netscape Web browsers. Information and downloads are available from The user interface is English only. The files in the setup program are dated 1997, so development seems to have stopped.

Screen shot of IBabble

An old version of the Bitstream Cyberbit font can be downloaded from the IBabble site.


MagicWin 98

MagicWin is a utility from ITWin Technology Sdn Bhd that integrates with Windows 3.1x, Windows 95 or Windows 98 and allows Chinese, Japanese and Korean text to be viewed in applications such as Office 97 and Web browsers in editions of Windows that do not normally support these languages.

The shareware version can be downloaded from, and registration after the 30-day evaluation period is US$ 35.

Screen shot of MagicWin 98

IE5 plus MagicWin 98

Internet Explorer 5 displaying Chinese under English Windows 95 with the aid of MagicWin 98


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