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Roll Film Stage


The Roll Film Stage is intended to be used with the Slide Copier when making copies of frames from a roll of film.

Roll Film Stage

Olympus OM Roll Film Stage

The raised edges of the Stage prevent a long roll of film from unwinding or falling off, and rubber pads help to keep the film in place. It can contain rolls of film up to 10 m (33 1/3 feet) long.

The Stage is clamped with 2 screws to the bottom of the film holder section of the Slide Copier.


Only one version is known; the Stage does not bear a system logo. This was one of the very first OM accessories, and some boxes were made with the original “M SYSTEM” logo that was replaced in January 1973 by the familiar “OM SYSTEM” logo.

M System box for the Roll Film Stage

“M SYSTEM” box for the Roll Film Stage
Photograph courtesy of Stephen Troy

Instruction leaflet

Reproduced with permission from the copyright owner, Olympus Optical Co., Ltd
Printed 0973



1) Centering Pin
2) Film Holder (with diffusion glass)
3) Film Slot
4) Socket for Roll Film Stage
5) Release Lever
6) Button Lock

This convenient accessory is used with the auto bellows and slide copier for duplicating roll films. A long roll, ready to curl up, can be handled easily without a fear of scratching the film surface.

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