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Macro Flash Shoe Ring


The Macro Flash Shoe Ring carries 2 plastic accessory shoes that are designed for the heads of the T28 Macro Twin Flash 1 and the T28 Macro Single Flash 1.

Macro Flash Shoe Ring

Olympus OM Macro Flash Shoe Ring

The Macro Flash Shoe Ring can be fitted to lenses that take either 49 mm or 55 mm filters; this includes the Zuiko Auto-Macro 20mm f/2, Zuiko Auto-Macro 38mm f/2.8, Zuiko Auto-Macro 50mm f/3.5, the Zuiko Auto-Macro 50mm f/2, the Zuiko Auto-Macro 90mm f/2, the Zuiko Auto-1:1 Macro 80mm f/4 and the Zuiko Auto-Macro 135mm f/4.5.

It is much easier to screw the Ring onto a lens (and to remove it) without the flash heads attached.

The accessory shoes are angled inwards at 20°. They are designed for the heads of the T28 Macro Flash 1, which are light because they do not contain batteries. The shoes may be able to take other light-weight flash guns, although Olympus warns against this.

The shoes can be moved around the ring when the 2 black buttons on either side are held in; releasing the buttons locks the shoes in place.

The T28 heads lock into place in the shoes; to remove them, push the button on the front face of the shoe in the direction of the white arrow, and then slide out the head.

Filter mount sizes 49 mm and 55 mm
US catalog no. 107-024
Discontinued 2003


Only one version is known.

Instruction leaflet

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Care and storage


Mounting to lens: Built in 49/55 mm filter screw
Shoe seating: Free rotation, free stop-position, one-touch shoe locking
Dimensions & Weight: 64 × 111 × 23 mm, 50g (2.5 × 4.4 × 0.9 in., 1.8 oz.)

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