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ANSI character set and equivalent Unicode and HTML characters


The ANSI set of 217 characters, also known as Windows-1252, was the standard for the core fonts supplied with US versions of Microsoft Windows up to and including Windows 95 and Windows NT 4. During the lifetime of those two products, Microsoft added the euro currency symbol bringing the number of characters to 218, and introduced a new core set of Pan-European fonts containing the WGL4 (Windows Glyph List 4) character set, with 652 characters.

If you use an old, non-Unicode version of Windows that was designed for a non-Latin alphabet such as Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew or Thai to view a document that has been typed using the ANSI character set, then characters from these languages may replace some of those in the 128–255 range; this problem has mostly been resolved now that Unicode is widely used, because it provides a unique numeric identifier for each character. There were similar problems when transferring ANSI documents to DOS or Macintosh computers, because DOS and MacRoman arrange characters differently in the 128–255 range.

ANSI characters 32 to 127 correspond to those in the 7-bit ASCII character set, which forms the Basic Latin Unicode character range. Characters 160–255 correspond to those in the Latin-1 Supplement Unicode character range. Positions 128–159 in Latin-1 Supplement are reserved for controls, but most of them are used for printable characters in ANSI; the Unicode equivalents are noted in the table below. Entries in the “Entity” column are character entity references that can be used in HTML and should be interpreted correctly by Web browsers that support HTML 4.0.

The characters that appear in the first column of the following table are generated from Unicode numeric character references, and so they should appear correctly in any Web browser that supports Unicode and that has suitable fonts available, regardless of the operating system.

 HTML 4.0 
Unicode NameUnicode Range
32320x20U+0020 spaceBasic Latin
!33330x21U+0021 exclamation markBasic Latin
"34340x22U+0022"quotation markBasic Latin
#35350x23U+0023 number signBasic Latin
$36360x24U+0024 dollar signBasic Latin
%37370x25U+0025 percent signBasic Latin
&38380x26U+0026&ampersandBasic Latin
'39390x27U+0027 apostropheBasic Latin
(40400x28U+0028 left parenthesisBasic Latin
)41410x29U+0029 right parenthesisBasic Latin
*42420x2AU+002A asteriskBasic Latin
+43430x2BU+002B plus signBasic Latin
,44440x2CU+002C commaBasic Latin
-45450x2DU+002D hyphen-minusBasic Latin
.46460x2EU+002E full stopBasic Latin
/47470x2FU+002F solidusBasic Latin
048480x30U+0030 digit zeroBasic Latin
149490x31U+0031 digit oneBasic Latin
250500x32U+0032 digit twoBasic Latin
351510x33U+0033 digit threeBasic Latin
452520x34U+0034 digit fourBasic Latin
553530x35U+0035 digit fiveBasic Latin
654540x36U+0036 digit sixBasic Latin
755550x37U+0037 digit sevenBasic Latin
856560x38U+0038 digit eightBasic Latin
957570x39U+0039 digit nineBasic Latin
:58580x3AU+003A colonBasic Latin
;59590x3BU+003B semicolonBasic Latin
<60600x3CU+003C&lt;less-than signBasic Latin
=61610x3DU+003D equals signBasic Latin
>62620x3EU+003E&gt;greater-than signBasic Latin
?63630x3FU+003F question markBasic Latin
@64640x40U+0040 commercial atBasic Latin
A65650x41U+0041 Latin capital letter ABasic Latin
B66660x42U+0042 Latin capital letter BBasic Latin
C67670x43U+0043 Latin capital letter CBasic Latin
D68680x44U+0044 Latin capital letter DBasic Latin
E69690x45U+0045 Latin capital letter EBasic Latin
F70700x46U+0046 Latin capital letter FBasic Latin
G71710x47U+0047 Latin capital letter GBasic Latin
H72720x48U+0048 Latin capital letter HBasic Latin
I73730x49U+0049 Latin capital letter IBasic Latin
J74740x4AU+004A Latin capital letter JBasic Latin
K75750x4BU+004B Latin capital letter KBasic Latin
L76760x4CU+004C Latin capital letter LBasic Latin
M77770x4DU+004D Latin capital letter MBasic Latin
N78780x4EU+004E Latin capital letter NBasic Latin
O79790x4FU+004F Latin capital letter OBasic Latin
P80800x50U+0050 Latin capital letter PBasic Latin
Q81810x51U+0051 Latin capital letter QBasic Latin
R82820x52U+0052 Latin capital letter RBasic Latin
S83830x53U+0053 Latin capital letter SBasic Latin
T84840x54U+0054 Latin capital letter TBasic Latin
U85850x55U+0055 Latin capital letter UBasic Latin
V86860x56U+0056 Latin capital letter VBasic Latin
W87870x57U+0057 Latin capital letter WBasic Latin
X88880x58U+0058 Latin capital letter XBasic Latin
Y89890x59U+0059 Latin capital letter YBasic Latin
Z90900x5AU+005A Latin capital letter ZBasic Latin
[91910x5BU+005B left square bracketBasic Latin
\92920x5CU+005C reverse solidusBasic Latin
]93930x5DU+005D right square bracketBasic Latin
^94940x5EU+005E circumflex accentBasic Latin
_95950x5FU+005F low lineBasic Latin
`96960x60U+0060 grave accentBasic Latin
a97970x61U+0061 Latin small letter aBasic Latin
b98980x62U+0062 Latin small letter bBasic Latin
c99990x63U+0063 Latin small letter cBasic Latin
d1001000x64U+0064 Latin small letter dBasic Latin
e1011010x65U+0065 Latin small letter eBasic Latin
f1021020x66U+0066 Latin small letter fBasic Latin
g1031030x67U+0067 Latin small letter gBasic Latin
h1041040x68U+0068 Latin small letter hBasic Latin
i1051050x69U+0069 Latin small letter iBasic Latin
j1061060x6AU+006A Latin small letter jBasic Latin
k1071070x6BU+006B Latin small letter kBasic Latin
l1081080x6CU+006C Latin small letter lBasic Latin
m1091090x6DU+006D Latin small letter mBasic Latin
n1101100x6EU+006E Latin small letter nBasic Latin
o1111110x6FU+006F Latin small letter oBasic Latin
p1121120x70U+0070 Latin small letter pBasic Latin
q1131130x71U+0071 Latin small letter qBasic Latin
r1141140x72U+0072 Latin small letter rBasic Latin
s1151150x73U+0073 Latin small letter sBasic Latin
t1161160x74U+0074 Latin small letter tBasic Latin
u1171170x75U+0075 Latin small letter uBasic Latin
v1181180x76U+0076 Latin small letter vBasic Latin
w1191190x77U+0077 Latin small letter wBasic Latin
x1201200x78U+0078 Latin small letter xBasic Latin
y1211210x79U+0079 Latin small letter yBasic Latin
z1221220x7AU+007A Latin small letter zBasic Latin
{1231230x7BU+007B left curly bracketBasic Latin
|1241240x7CU+007C vertical lineBasic Latin
}1251250x7DU+007D right curly bracketBasic Latin
~1261260x7EU+007E tildeBasic Latin
 1271270x7FU+007F (not used) 
12883640x80U+20AC&euro;euro signCurrency Symbols
 1291290x81U+0081 (not used) 
13082180x82U+201A&sbquo;single low-9 quotation markGeneral Punctuation
ƒ1314020x83U+0192&fnof;Latin small letter f with hookLatin Extended-B
13282220x84U+201E&bdquo;double low-9 quotation markGeneral Punctuation
13382300x85U+2026&hellip;horizontal ellipsisGeneral Punctuation
13482240x86U+2020&dagger;daggerGeneral Punctuation
13582250x87U+2021&Dagger;double daggerGeneral Punctuation
ˆ1367100x88U+02C6&circ;modifier letter circumflex accentSpacing Modifier Letters
13782400x89U+2030&permil;per mille signGeneral Punctuation
Š1383520x8AU+0160&Scaron;Latin capital letter S with caronLatin Extended-A
13982490x8BU+2039&lsaquo;single left-pointing angle quotation markGeneral Punctuation
Œ1403380x8CU+0152&OElig;Latin capital ligature OELatin Extended-A
 1411410x8DU+008D (not used) 
Ž1423810x8EU+017D Latin capital letter Z with caronLatin Extended-A
 1431430x8FU+008F (not used) 
 1441440x90U+0090 (not used) 
14582160x91U+2018&lsquo;left single quotation markGeneral Punctuation
14682170x92U+2019&rsquo;right single quotation markGeneral Punctuation
14782200x93U+201C&ldquo;left double quotation markGeneral Punctuation
14882210x94U+201D&rdquo;right double quotation markGeneral Punctuation
14982260x95U+2022&bull;bulletGeneral Punctuation
15082110x96U+2013&ndash;en dashGeneral Punctuation
15182120x97U+2014&mdash;em dashGeneral Punctuation
˜1527320x98U+02DC&tilde;small tildeSpacing Modifier Letters
15384820x99U+2122&trade;trade mark signLetterlike Symbols
š1543530x9AU+0161&scaron;Latin small letter s with caronLatin Extended-A
15582500x9BU+203A&rsaquo;single right-pointing angle quotation markGeneral Punctuation
œ1563390x9CU+0153&oelig;Latin small ligature oeLatin Extended-A
 1571570x9DU+009D (not used) 
ž1583820x9EU+017E Latin small letter z with caronLatin Extended-A
Ÿ1593760x9FU+0178&Yuml;Latin capital letter Y with diaeresisLatin Extended-A
 1601600xA0U+00A0&nbsp;no-break spaceLatin-1 Supplement
¡1611610xA1U+00A1&iexcl;inverted exclamation markLatin-1 Supplement
¢1621620xA2U+00A2&cent;cent signLatin-1 Supplement
£1631630xA3U+00A3&pound;pound signLatin-1 Supplement
¤1641640xA4U+00A4&curren;currency signLatin-1 Supplement
¥1651650xA5U+00A5&yen;yen signLatin-1 Supplement
¦1661660xA6U+00A6&brvbar;broken barLatin-1 Supplement
§1671670xA7U+00A7&sect;section signLatin-1 Supplement
¨1681680xA8U+00A8&uml;diaeresisLatin-1 Supplement
©1691690xA9U+00A9&copy;copyright signLatin-1 Supplement
ª1701700xAAU+00AA&ordf;feminine ordinal indicatorLatin-1 Supplement
«1711710xABU+00AB&laquo;left-pointing double angle quotation markLatin-1 Supplement
¬1721720xACU+00AC&not;not signLatin-1 Supplement
­1731730xADU+00AD&shy;soft hyphenLatin-1 Supplement
®1741740xAEU+00AE&reg;registered signLatin-1 Supplement
¯1751750xAFU+00AF&macr;macronLatin-1 Supplement
°1761760xB0U+00B0&deg;degree signLatin-1 Supplement
±1771770xB1U+00B1&plusmn;plus-minus signLatin-1 Supplement
²1781780xB2U+00B2&sup2;superscript twoLatin-1 Supplement
³1791790xB3U+00B3&sup3;superscript threeLatin-1 Supplement
´1801800xB4U+00B4&acute;acute accentLatin-1 Supplement
µ1811810xB5U+00B5&micro;micro signLatin-1 Supplement
1821820xB6U+00B6&para;pilcrow signLatin-1 Supplement
·1831830xB7U+00B7&middot;middle dotLatin-1 Supplement
¸1841840xB8U+00B8&cedil;cedillaLatin-1 Supplement
¹1851850xB9U+00B9&sup1;superscript oneLatin-1 Supplement
º1861860xBAU+00BA&ordm;masculine ordinal indicatorLatin-1 Supplement
»1871870xBBU+00BB&raquo;right-pointing double angle quotation markLatin-1 Supplement
¼1881880xBCU+00BC&frac14;vulgar fraction one quarterLatin-1 Supplement
½1891890xBDU+00BD&frac12;vulgar fraction one halfLatin-1 Supplement
¾1901900xBEU+00BE&frac34;vulgar fraction three quartersLatin-1 Supplement
¿1911910xBFU+00BF&iquest;inverted question markLatin-1 Supplement
À1921920xC0U+00C0&Agrave;Latin capital letter A with graveLatin-1 Supplement
Á1931930xC1U+00C1&Aacute;Latin capital letter A with acuteLatin-1 Supplement
Â1941940xC2U+00C2&Acirc;Latin capital letter A with circumflexLatin-1 Supplement
Ã1951950xC3U+00C3&Atilde;Latin capital letter A with tildeLatin-1 Supplement
Ä1961960xC4U+00C4&Auml;Latin capital letter A with diaeresisLatin-1 Supplement
Å1971970xC5U+00C5&Aring;Latin capital letter A with ring aboveLatin-1 Supplement
Æ1981980xC6U+00C6&AElig;Latin capital letter AELatin-1 Supplement
Ç1991990xC7U+00C7&Ccedil;Latin capital letter C with cedillaLatin-1 Supplement
È2002000xC8U+00C8&Egrave;Latin capital letter E with graveLatin-1 Supplement
É2012010xC9U+00C9&Eacute;Latin capital letter E with acuteLatin-1 Supplement
Ê2022020xCAU+00CA&Ecirc;Latin capital letter E with circumflexLatin-1 Supplement
Ë2032030xCBU+00CB&Euml;Latin capital letter E with diaeresisLatin-1 Supplement
Ì2042040xCCU+00CC&Igrave;Latin capital letter I with graveLatin-1 Supplement
Í2052050xCDU+00CD&Iacute;Latin capital letter I with acuteLatin-1 Supplement
Î2062060xCEU+00CE&Icirc;Latin capital letter I with circumflexLatin-1 Supplement
Ï2072070xCFU+00CF&Iuml;Latin capital letter I with diaeresisLatin-1 Supplement
Ð2082080xD0U+00D0&ETH;Latin capital letter EthLatin-1 Supplement
Ñ2092090xD1U+00D1&Ntilde;Latin capital letter N with tildeLatin-1 Supplement
Ò2102100xD2U+00D2&Ograve;Latin capital letter O with graveLatin-1 Supplement
Ó2112110xD3U+00D3&Oacute;Latin capital letter O with acuteLatin-1 Supplement
Ô2122120xD4U+00D4&Ocirc;Latin capital letter O with circumflexLatin-1 Supplement
Õ2132130xD5U+00D5&Otilde;Latin capital letter O with tildeLatin-1 Supplement
Ö2142140xD6U+00D6&Ouml;Latin capital letter O with diaeresisLatin-1 Supplement
×2152150xD7U+00D7&times;multiplication signLatin-1 Supplement
Ø2162160xD8U+00D8&Oslash;Latin capital letter O with strokeLatin-1 Supplement
Ù2172170xD9U+00D9&Ugrave;Latin capital letter U with graveLatin-1 Supplement
Ú2182180xDAU+00DA&Uacute;Latin capital letter U with acuteLatin-1 Supplement
Û2192190xDBU+00DB&Ucirc;Latin capital letter U with circumflexLatin-1 Supplement
Ü2202200xDCU+00DC&Uuml;Latin capital letter U with diaeresisLatin-1 Supplement
Ý2212210xDDU+00DD&Yacute;Latin capital letter Y with acuteLatin-1 Supplement
Þ2222220xDEU+00DE&THORN;Latin capital letter ThornLatin-1 Supplement
ß2232230xDFU+00DF&szlig;Latin small letter sharp sLatin-1 Supplement
à2242240xE0U+00E0&agrave;Latin small letter a with graveLatin-1 Supplement
á2252250xE1U+00E1&aacute;Latin small letter a with acuteLatin-1 Supplement
â2262260xE2U+00E2&acirc;Latin small letter a with circumflexLatin-1 Supplement
ã2272270xE3U+00E3&atilde;Latin small letter a with tildeLatin-1 Supplement
ä2282280xE4U+00E4&auml;Latin small letter a with diaeresisLatin-1 Supplement
å2292290xE5U+00E5&aring;Latin small letter a with ring aboveLatin-1 Supplement
æ2302300xE6U+00E6&aelig;Latin small letter aeLatin-1 Supplement
ç2312310xE7U+00E7&ccedil;Latin small letter c with cedillaLatin-1 Supplement
è2322320xE8U+00E8&egrave;Latin small letter e with graveLatin-1 Supplement
é2332330xE9U+00E9&eacute;Latin small letter e with acuteLatin-1 Supplement
ê2342340xEAU+00EA&ecirc;Latin small letter e with circumflexLatin-1 Supplement
ë2352350xEBU+00EB&euml;Latin small letter e with diaeresisLatin-1 Supplement
ì2362360xECU+00EC&igrave;Latin small letter i with graveLatin-1 Supplement
í2372370xEDU+00ED&iacute;Latin small letter i with acuteLatin-1 Supplement
î2382380xEEU+00EE&icirc;Latin small letter i with circumflexLatin-1 Supplement
ï2392390xEFU+00EF&iuml;Latin small letter i with diaeresisLatin-1 Supplement
ð2402400xF0U+00F0&eth;Latin small letter ethLatin-1 Supplement
ñ2412410xF1U+00F1&ntilde;Latin small letter n with tildeLatin-1 Supplement
ò2422420xF2U+00F2&ograve;Latin small letter o with graveLatin-1 Supplement
ó2432430xF3U+00F3&oacute;Latin small letter o with acuteLatin-1 Supplement
ô2442440xF4U+00F4&ocirc;Latin small letter o with circumflexLatin-1 Supplement
õ2452450xF5U+00F5&otilde;Latin small letter o with tildeLatin-1 Supplement
ö2462460xF6U+00F6&ouml;Latin small letter o with diaeresisLatin-1 Supplement
÷2472470xF7U+00F7&divide;division signLatin-1 Supplement
ø2482480xF8U+00F8&oslash;Latin small letter o with strokeLatin-1 Supplement
ù2492490xF9U+00F9&ugrave;Latin small letter u with graveLatin-1 Supplement
ú2502500xFAU+00FA&uacute;Latin small letter u with acuteLatin-1 Supplement
û2512510xFBU+00FB&ucirc;Latin small letter with circumflexLatin-1 Supplement
ü2522520xFCU+00FC&uuml;Latin small letter u with diaeresisLatin-1 Supplement
ý2532530xFDU+00FD&yacute;Latin small letter y with acuteLatin-1 Supplement
þ2542540xFEU+00FE&thorn;Latin small letter thornLatin-1 Supplement
ÿ2552550xFFU+00FF&yuml;Latin small letter y with diaeresisLatin-1 Supplement

Problems with non-Latin scripts

If you use old, pre-Unicode Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Russian or Thai versions of Microsoft Windows to view a file that uses Latin script and includes accented characters, then the accented characters may be replaced or omitted. For example:

ANSI characters with US Windows

US Windows
ANSI characters with Russian Windows

Russian Windows
ANSI characters with Thai Windows

Thai Windows

This happens because the characters for these non-Latin scripts are coded to the same numbers as the accented Latin characters in the ANSI character set; this problem has largely been resolved now that Unicode has become widely used, because it provides a unique numeric identifier for each character.


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