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Unicode fonts and software

Fonts and software that belong to other people are not normally hosted on this Web site. The following items are being made available here because they are often requested but they may no longer be available from the original source. They will be removed if the copyright owners object.

Description Date Size Information
Aksara Bali font and Balinese keyboard drivers
by Khoi Nguyen Viet
20110211 433 KB Zip file
Code2000 font
by James Kass
20080612 3.78 MB Zip file
Code2001 font
by James Kass
20080406 208 KB Zip file
MPH 2B Damase font
by Mark Williamson
20051018 487 KB Zip file
Qataban font
by Bronson Brown-deVost
20100708 10.9 KB Zip file
Sun-ExtA font 20070331 9.55 MB Zip file
Sun-ExtB font 20070103 9.16 MB Zip file
Tai Le Valentinium font
by Darien Valentine
20040305 12.9 KB Zip file
TrueType Explorer version 4.0.0
by Kevin J. Macdonald
20030626 1.66 MB Setup file

Olympus microscope documentation

Catalogues and instructions for discontinued Olympus microscopes that may be used with Olympus OM cameras are available for downloading in the Olympus OM system close-up and macro equipment Web site.

Pesticide information

The collections of data from the Compendium of Pesticide Common Names have been mis-used and so I have moved them to a new location.

If I have previously given you permission to download the files, or if you work for a not-for-profit organisation such as a university or a government department, then please contact me for the new location. Downloading by commercial organisations or for commercial purposes is not permitted.


Other files that some people might find useful.

Description Date Size Information
Reebok Mini Side Stepper RE-G7580 instructions for exercise programmes, electronic display and lubrication 20162411 2.75 MB PDF file

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