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January 2021

Back in 2012, I was thinking of buying a superwide trinocular head for my BH-2 microscope, and so when I saw a 35 SWHK 10× L finder eyepiece in the Quekett auction I bought it. I didn’t know then that the dioptric adjustment on nearly all of the eyepieces for the superwide head has jammed solid because the grease has hardened; my new acquisition had this problem, and I could not free it. A previous owner seemed to have tried too, because two grub screws were missing. Now I have had another go. I noticed 3 tiny grub screws near the bottom, and when I removed them the bottom part seemed slightly loose. With the aid of two Boa Constrictor strap wrenches, I managed to remove the bottom part, and to my amazement the dioptric adjustment was no longer jammed and I could separate the two main sections.

Dismantled Olympus 35 SWHK 10×L finder eyepiece

Dismantled Olympus 35 SWHK 10×L finder eyepiece

Starting from the left, the first and third parts contain lenses, the second part contains the reticle and has 3 grub screws to secure the first part, the fourth part is fastened to the third part by 2 grub screws, and the fifth part pushes onto the fourth part.

I have been wanting to take a photograph of the finder frames, to add to my web page on Attaching a digital SLR camera to an Olympus BH-2 microscope, and with the eyepiece dismantled I was able to do it:

Fields of view for NFK 2.5×, 3.3×, 5× and 6.7× photo eyepieces

Fields of view for NFK 2.5×, 3.3×, 5× and 6.7× photo eyepieces in 35 SWHK 10×L finder eyepiece

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